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Chia Shin Knobs Co., Ltd has been manufacturing thousands of stereo   and machine devices since 1976During these years, we continuously  enhance our product quality and improve our expertise in manufacturing knobs and other related products. You can order from our existing products, or provide us the specification of your desired product, we accept customization product.  

In our factory, we have several machines to ensure the product quality, such as CNC automatic lathe, semi-automatic lathe, hand lathe,electronic discharge machine, milling machine, plastic injection machine, external/internal grinding machine, drilling machine, automatic tapping machine, knurling machine, hair-line finishing machine, blasting   equipment, anodizing equipment.  

In addition, we also implement strict quality control to ensure the quality.   We assure you that all of our products are with the highest quality, and meet up  to your expectation and requirement.  

We are an export-oriented company; you can find our products world-wide, ex: United States, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Denmark, Israel Japan, Australia, Thailand, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and Mainland China etc.


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